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Szputnyik burlesque - behind the scenes

Szputnyik shop did not miss the opportunity to surprise its followers this Christmas either. Our newest editorial brings an exciting fusion to life with the styling of Márk Kiss. We present to you the iconic atmosphere of carnivals with a dash of steampunk.

The finished photo series can already be seen on Szputnyik shop's website, and now, we will show you all the work behind it.

Preparations began in the morning at Szputnyik Shop D20, where Zsanett Fábián hair stylist, Anna Schneider make-up artist and Márk Kiss stylist have started to work on our models.

The next stop was Mazel Tov, one of our favorite places, that truly reflects the Szputnyik feeling as you can see in the finished photographs. We would like to express, how grateful we are to them for letting us shoot at their amazing location!

We had been extremely excited for the shoot, since we have never prepared an editorial with such a big crew before. Fortunately, every member of the team proved amazing, and we shot the photos within a short time in the best atmosphere, as usual during Szputnyik shoots. You can also experience the excitement of the preparations if you check out our short werk video about the photoshoot.

There were members of our professional modelling team whom we had the pleasure of working with before such as Anna Pásztor singer, the leading lady of the band Anna and the Barbies and Szabolcs Major, bassist of the band One Reason to Kiss. We always seek new faces as well as working with beloved characters so we asked Klaudia Nagy Hungarian champion bodybuilder, Emese Nagy dancer-choreographer, Gabi Knoll and Izsák Palmer singers to join us in our winter adventure and bring this Christmas tale alive.

We couldn't be happier with the result, hopefully you also get dazzled by the unique aura of the photos and the outfits. We do not even have to mention that all the clothes and accessories are available at our stores, and it is still not too late to visit Szputnyik, if some presents are still missing from under the tree!

Do not hesitate, visit Szputnyik shop before the Holidays, two things are certain to be found: your very own personal style and the perfect present to put under the Christmas tree.

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