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Welcome the Easter Bunny in Colors!

Ham, eggs, horseradish, plastic grass, stuffed bunnies? What do you see when you think of Easter?
We see the arrival of the real spring, time spent with our loved ones and lively colors. We went outside on the first really sunny day to shoot some photos to get you in Easter mood and inspire you with some spring outfits. Let's see what Easter looks like at Szputnyik shop, and what we'd wear to welcome the Easter Bunny!

Bring on the bunnies and other fluffy animals! When else could you be wearing rabbits or sheep if not at Easter? Come to any of our stores to get that bunny patterned pullover for 8.990 HUF, you can also choose a rabbit or sheep patterned top for 3.490 HUF, however, even our men's t-shirt collection has some perfect pieces for Easter from 4.990 HUF.
Check out our online selection as well!

It's not only the holiday that calls for distinguished clothing, but also the fact that your colorful spring pieces get to make their first appearance in front of an audience. Finally it's warm enough to try on different colors, textures and designs. Choose this colorful A-line skirt for 7.990 HUF, or try on a reworked vintage denim vest from 8.990 HUF!

Never take yourself too seriously! Especially not when it comes to a fluffy animal bringing you sweets. Choose something fun and unexpected, like a pair of pastel shorts or some bunny ears! The shorts can be yours for 5.990 HUF, and don't forget to check our huge vintage shirt collection that contains such fun pieces and you can also check it online!

Add more and more colors to get everyone in spring mood! Either pastel, either bright colors are a win. Even if you're a fan of classic black and white outfits you can always add a pop of color to make it more spring-like. We suggest this black and whine bunny t-shirt with a dash of blue for 5.990 HUF.
The perfect pair of shoes or sunglasses can improve your looks. Check our spring collection, or play with us on Instagram, to win your favorite sunglasses!

You can celebrate Easter with colors or fluffy animals, but one thing is for sure: you should visit Szputynik shop soon, since spring wardrobe cleaning is also upon us.

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Szputnyik Team wishes you all very Happy Easter with this photoshoot!