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The first ever Szputnyik store reopens as a part of Open! Festival!

The venue at Bakáts square had been the home of the very first Szputnyik shop for long and thanks to Open! Festival it will come alive once again for a month this spring. The festival is a cooperative way of matching unused real estate with selected, innovative projects that need a venue.

This grassroots initiative creates a win-win situation, since the projects get to experience the joy and hardship of having a store and the unused real estates get back on the creative map of the city!

Anyone could apply to The Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Center Foundation's festival who has a creative idea and only need a venue for its realization. The jury selected 28 such project in 2016, two of which get to operate for a month at our old venue at 8. Bakáts square!

Szputnyik shop believes in Hungarian design and in young Hungarian entrepreneurs. We have been together to many WAMP Design Markets through rain, wind, sunshine and Christmas preparations.

Since we outgrew our precious venue that used to be Szputnyik Bazaar nearly a year ago we were very happy about Open! Festival and cannot wait to see how a Hungarian project can start from that store on Bakáts square, just like Szputnyik shop did.

Here are the two ideas that get to come alive during Open! Festival at our old venue.

If you liked Szputnyik Bazaar, you will like them too!


ReCreativity Social Enterprise creates fashion by recycling while Szputnyik shop recycles fashion by selling selected vintage pieces. Sustainability is therefore our common aim!

The project's original brand sells bags and accessories made out of advertisements and banners that previously hung in Budapest. You even get to make them for yourself at their workshops. Each Cimbi product is unique, and due to the nature of their material they are very persistent.

Originality, uniqueness, brave designs and colors are the things that made us believe Szputnyik's fans would love Cimbi.

The products made out of recycled substances in 97% will be available in 8. Bakáts square for a month this spring.

More info:

Mandula Műhely

The Mandula Műhely (Almond Workshop) project will create a public space that aims to bring nature closer to urban people. They wish to help individuals in turning their city living as green as possible. They organise workshops where people of all ages can create objects that can help turning their everyday lives towards nature.

Szputnyik shop really cares about nature, that is why we have a lot of natural and diy elements around our stores. We would like to help you to be able to make your homes more green yourselves by inviting Garden in the city project.

If you want your life and surroundings to be a little greener then visit them at the venue Szputnyik Bazaar used to be in!


The Mandula Műhely and Cimbi both stand for greener urban life and sustainabilty, whether you think of recycling, green interiors, or both! As soon as you enter their venue you'll see how it works and they will be there to advise you on how to turn your lives greener yourselves!


IX. Budapest, Bakáts tér 8. (Tompa u. 1.)
Open: Wed-Sat: 10:00–19:00
Sun: 10:00-16:00 (program esetén)