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Spring trends for 20% less

New season, new trends bring about GLAMOUR days!

Glamour magazine is a huge financial help at the beginning of every fashion season, since they organise a sales event that allows you to buy newest trends for less.

Between April 7 and 9 there will be discounts at nearly 1000 stores in Hungary, including roughly 260 brands. Szputnyik shops three stores and online store will be included of course, you can shop for 20% less if you have the coupon.

The discount coupons and the code with wich you can have the discount online can be found in the coupon book attached to the April issue of Glamour magazine.

The selection is huge, and the season has just begun. It's easy to get confused by the trends and styles. Therefore Szputnyik shop is here to show you what are the must buys for spring, and what are our suggestions for you to start the new season in style!

You can dress up from head to toe into the atest trends from Szputynik shop during Glamour days. Among many others these are the items you can get for 20% less during 7-8-9 April:

Stylish Basics

They are useful during all seasons, however your collection needs renewal at spring. Vintage shirts and blouses are just like that. Szputynik shop has hundreds of pieces containing countless styles and fabrics ideal for spring. Now you can get one for 20% less! Hurry up, since there is only one of each of them!

Spring calls for sneakers. Szputnyik shop has a collection of almost all existing style and color of used Converse and Vans shoes. You can find them at our stores. Originality is guaranteed, what's more sometimes even those styles are available that have never been sold inside of Hungary. That's not all! Classic styles are also available for the fragment of their original price in used but perfect condition.

The higher the temperature, the less and shorter clothes you need! Exchange your long denim pants for some fun shorts or skirts.Visit Szputnyik shop between April 7 and 9 and get your favorite for 20% less with a Glamour coupon. Romantic, soft vintage and bright, fun limited edition new skirts await you; and if you are looking for a pair of practical or witty short you are also at the right place.

Must have accessories

The thing you don't leave your house without when the sun starts shining are your sunglasses.Trends always change, and your pair from last year just does not seem right, no to mention that they don't even match your current haircut... Now there's no need for explanation. Buy a new pair for the new you for 20% less!

Toss aside your winter scarves! Finally, there is no need for thick layers. Use your freedom and accessorise! Choose a necklace and let it do the talking! Choose from our minimalist, elegant or brave, statement pieces. You will definitely find the one that reflects you the most among our copper necklaces with unique pendents.

Treat yourself!

Are you a concious shopper who only buys what they really need? Glamor days is just for you then! Finally you get to lay back and treat yourself with items you would normally hurfully leave behind. Listen to your instincts, now you get to buy "to die for" piecesfor much less than their original price. A colorful pullover, a top with your favorite band on it, or a cat-shaped bag? It doesn't matter that you'll not be wearing it every day. Special occasions do call for special clothes and accessories.

You do not have the time to go shopping? You hate crowds? Now you can shop more comfortably and easily online for 20% less during Glamour days.

The discount code can be found in the April issue of Glamour magazine.

How can you use your discount online? Follow the link below to find out!

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