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Shoes for adventurers! - Paez Pop Up at Szputnyik shop

When it comes to style, spring is the most exciting season. Our creativity and adventurous selves awake from hibernation, colors return to our wardrobes and we set out on a long hunt for essential clothing for the upcoming season.

Such as perfect spring shoes. If you don't have any ideas yet,we will show you a brand that will cheer up the days that are getting longer, moreover, you can also buy their products this spring in a Pop-up store at Szputnyik shop.

Argentinian brand Paez produces their footwear in the spirit of positive, enthusiastic southern nations.The brand was established in 2006 by three youngsters who wanted to created colorful and practical footwear by rethinking the classical, simple alpargata design. Since then they have spread the argentinian heritage in the form of shoes to more than 30 countries. Travels, great meetings, and stories worth telling are what inspire them at the production of each pair.

They aim to promote an adventorous, free lifestyle through simple design, comfortable construction and innovative technology. Moreover, their goal is to keep their products as original and authentic as possible.

The shoes are handmade in Argentina under controlled, ethical circumstances.

The soles are made of genuine leather, and each piece is created using natural, skin-friendly materials. The use of cotton canvas makes the shoes not only durable but also very comfortable since they adapt to the shape of your feet.

Based on the unique materials, colors, patterns and designs it is easy to see thatthese shoes are not for ordinary people!

Visit Szputnyik stores in Budapest during the Pop-up period and see for yourself!

The Paez Pop-up store is soon open soyou don't have to wait for long to live your adventures in shoes that were designed for it! Either you are planning on cycling, hiking, sightseeing or just spending quality time with your family and friends, Paez shoes will share every spring experience with you.

You can have an elegant, a bohemian or a daring personal style, you will find the pair of Paez shoes that fits you the most!




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