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Szputnyik7 - Birthday retrospect

We are 7!


People say seven is a critical number when it comes to relationships, however, we are not worried, since rules have never applied to us, and it won't be any different this time either. We have managed to overtop ourselves every year so far and we are sure that this tendency is to stay!

For being able to find new owners for more and more vintage and limited edition, new clothes and accessories every year, for having more and more of you at our events and promotions, and for being able to help many plays, projects, music videos and charity campaigns we thank you! Szputnyik shop's relationship with their shoppers is only getting stornger for seven years now!

As a celebration of our birthday, we will have two weeks of events and promotions between 7. and 20. November. Follow us for details on Facebook and Instagram, and keep checking our blog and website.

We will notify you on time about our birthday surprises, until then, join us on a walk down memory lane, let's check out the most important events of the past 7 years!


Following throughout planning and serious preparations our very forst store, Szputnyik Bazaar opened in November, at Budapest Bakáts square. The first months passed by with getting to know eachother. More and more of you descovered us, and we started to realise your needs. We were the first in Hungary to offer the mixture of the past and the present so that you can create something clompetely different by combining the extremes.


szputnyik sziget 2010

Our relationship with our costumers got to second base that year by gaining even more regulars. Our reaction was to join you in the party, at Sziget Festival, so we could keep on delivering the best styles eve at the Main stage. 


We had our biggest event in 2011 since our opening. We have opened our second store on Dohány street! Not only our regular costumers were happy about it, but even more people got to know us, and we have finally reached out to the foreigners visiting our city who love our extraordinary collection ever since. 


That was the first year we were tried! We had tons of sales, promotions and events, what's more, we have even opened our third store in Szombathely during the summer, since we knew that it takes both sides to have a successfull relationship!


There was no time to waste in 2013 either! We had you design the most ideal t-shirt graphics, we handed out many prizes, and we quite a few original, inspirational editorials for you. Moreover, we have launched our blog, so that you could keep up with our team and learn how to wear our products. 


It was in 2014 that our beloved Dohány street location started to feel too tight. Since we didn't want to leave the area, we have moved only a few doors away and opened up our new, 300 suaremeters store in the same buiding. It's been our headquarters ever since. In order to provide the most simple, most costumer-friendly shopping experience, and to the great joy of our foreign shoppers we have launched our online store, so you can get your favoite Szputnyik items from anrywhere in the world. 


Last year was not boring either! Szputnyik Bazaar has moved to Király street and became Szputnyik K-22 so that it'd be easier to find. Our events and promotions are now on three platforms (the two Budapest stores and the online store)! We have more and more collaborations since we find it very important to make tose brands available that we share values with.


This year we're getting to experience all the thrills of the past 7 years. We had a brand new, temporary location during the summer, Szputnyik Pop-Up at Március 15 square, we have more promotions, sales and events than ever, we are being able to reach more and more of you with our editorials, and our renewed online store is available from inside Hungary to even Antarctica. 
And the magical Holiday season is still yet to come with markets, photoshoots and celebrations...

Thank you again to thos who have visited us, featured us or just mentioned us anywhere, anytime! We hope to keep seeing you for many more years, we'll be here, trying to overtop ourselves!


Budapest VII., Dohány u. 20.

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Budapest VI., Király u. 22. (Káldy u. 1.)

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