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We Love Budapest: Eart's day in Budapest 11 places to find reusable bags

"Cloth bags have many great qualities: they look great, they can fit in a small pocket when folded up, and they are extremely eco-friendly because they can be used over and over again – and some of them are even produced with “upcycled” materials like discarded clothing or textiles, making them doubly green. As part of our series honoring Earth Day in Budapest, we rounded up diverse types of cool cloth bags available all around Budapest, with some featuring city scenery and Hungarian motifs to make them resource-saving souvenirs that will surely turn heads at your hometown supermarket.

Over two floors and at two separate stores, Szputnyik offers new and old pieces alike, as they combine vintage items and brand-new designs. The coolest clothes – such ascrop tops, rock-band shirts, festival outfits, and some provocative pieces – are all found here, and the same countercultural style applies to their bags as well, which are adorned with a punk print, a simple pattern, or a band logo. These bags can be colorful or simple, they go well with everything, and you will certainly not see them everywhere on the street, as they can be decorated with such random patterns as adangerous-looking dragon standing on chicken legs."

Article: We Love Budapest