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"Concerts and the stage are like playgrounds" - Sára Herrer and Szputnyik shop

We could first get to know Sára Herrer on screen, then she got famous in Hungary for singing the cover of Fluor's song called Mizu, and for a few years now she has been a member of the band Mary PopKids.
The versatile young talent has been our cutomer from the beginning.
- I have known Szputnyik shop ever since you only had one store., I always loved going there, I really like vintage stores.. Manily because they make me believe that I am brave enough to wear these pieces in my personal life, and once in a while I do so. - She told us on scene of the shoot. - The concerts and the stage are like playgrounds to me, and I really love that I can combine extreme pieces, modern with vintage elements. I am really happy about this project, I love these. - Sehe added.
In Szputnyik Shop's new campaign, popular singers, Bíborka Bocskor, Odett Polgár, Sári Herrer and Barbara Schoblocher transformed into original Szputnyik brides. A common message gives the basis of the cooperation with Szputnyik for the young talents, and that is conscious shopping and the preference of vintage pieces that have more value.

Sári has told us about her connection to Szputnyik shop, vintage and limited new designs:

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