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These are our favorite Christmas ads this year

December is here, and so are Christmas advertisements that Szputnyik's team is very passionate about. Who wouldn't love these short films that tell tales of magical Christmases and remind us of the true meaning of the holiday during the stress of shopping and preparations? We can't wait for Christmas eve, so we've decided to get you in the mood too, by showing you our three favorite Christmas ads of this season. Get ready to become nostalgic, since as you could suspect, we have collected this top 3 list in the name of vintage.

3. Barbour

Barbour, the British brand tells a moving story this year. They started a cartoon as part of their Christmas campaign few years back, and added to the story each year. In 2017 our main character who we met as a little boy, is a grown man, looking for the perfect present for his new family. He searches for a lasting gift, and as the brand was established in 1894, lasting clothes are their signature products. Some vintage pieces of their iconic, unique waxed coats are also available at Szputnyik shop, so you also get to give something lasting to your loved ones.

2. Heathrow Airport

The next ad on our list is the 2017 short film of Heathrow Airport. We can get a long look at the airport through the years. Our main character, a teddy bear, meets the love of his life there and the location keeps on playing a big role in their lives later on as well. We get to see almost all the big fashion trends and the evolution of style through the years they portray in the video. From bohemian hippie style through denim jackets and flared jeans in the 70's all in the setting of Heathrow airport, that connects families for the holidays. 

If you feel inspired by this moving short film that portrays the evolution of modern day fashion, then browse our vintage selection and give someone a piece of history this Christmas that may have even travelled the world with someone.

1. Unicum

We are thrilled to see that Hungarian brands also have their Christmas themed short films around the Holidays. Our ultimate favorite is Unicum's 2017 Christmas film. The traditional Hungarian liquor company made a really nice nostalgic short film with a vintage feel to it and found their way to our hearts through it. The story runs on three paralell timelines, and shows us how much work fathers put into Holiday preparations to make it wonderful for their families. At the end, the three storylines meet and we can see and honest and human expression of love between generations. The most iconic clothes form the 60's, and 80's also play a part in the movie, and Unicum shows us, how lasting the vintage items can be, that even our grandchildren might wear our precious items one day if we take good care of them as the modern day main character wears a really special vintage pullover.

You can give a memorable and everlasting gift in the form of a unique vintage pullover:

If you feel nostalgic, visit any of our stores or browse our online collection for some vintage treasures!