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Christmas trends: shine in the colors of Advent!

Advent reminds us to the begining of Christmas so we would like to help you to choose gifts in the spirit of bronze, silver and gold Sundays.
Everybody can find the one piece that matches thier personality from these 3 colors to cheer up the gray winter days.

The first candle means bronze Sunday. Every candle on the Advent wreath has a meaning, and so does the candle of the bronze Sunday: hope. We would like to give you hope if you are totally desperate what to give for Christmas to your loved ones and friends.

The bronze and the browns are not only the colors of autumn and winter, but they can also make gloomy days warmer.
These shades are also great for casual looks, just as they can have a classic elegant vibe with a well chosen skirt, shoes or scarf. 

Vintage scarf: €12
Vintage Bruno Magli leather shoes: €100
Vintage sequined shorts: €15
Vintage blouse: €27 


Embroidered bomber jacket with Eastern motifs: €50
Small purse: €10
Shiny mini skirt: €20
Sunglasses with golden tain: €14
Black tank with pattern: €15
Velvet skirt with tulle veil: €34  


Small corkwood bag: €17
Copper rings: €14 / piece
Copper necklace: €7
Earrings with fringes: €5
Brown watch: €17 


In the spirit of Advent, the silver and chrome colors follow the bronze, and can get you the festive mood. These colors remind us to the beautiful icicles and Christmas lights. Silver can also allow you to be elegant and extravagant at the same time. Not only in the Christmas whril, but you can shine like a diamond at New Year's Eve.

In this Christmas guide we have picked our personal favourites for you to fall in love with.

Shiny top: €17
Velvet skirt: €30
(You can find this skirt on the webshop too: )

Silver robe: €27
Fedora hat: €17


Ring with stone: €5 / piece
Amalgamated sunglasses: €14
Earrings: €5
Statement necklace: €9


Vintage fluffy sweater: €24
Vintage Tommy Hilfiger belt: €19
Vintage little bag with pearls: €20
Vintage sequined robe: €20

The final candle symbolize the gold. It radiates warmth, intimacy and luxury that can be found in the fashion industry.
A well choosen golden accessory, robe or blouse can be the gem of your outfit. Don't be afraid to shine in the Christmas season!

Tulle skirt: €30
Sequined suspenders: €10
Croptop: €24
Short with belt: €20


Vintage sequined miniskirt: €19
Vintage ankle boots: €24
Vintage purs: €7
Vintage shiny overall: €24
Vintage scarf: €10
Vintage sequined envelope bag: €14

Geometric earrings: €5 / pair
Barret: € 14
Golden sunglasses: €14
Vintage sequined envelope bag: €10
Golden watch: €17

If you are in love with these colors  and inspired by our Christmas gift guide, then visit us in Dohány street 20 or Király street 22 to browse the treasures in festal colors or check our webshop for more unique pieces!
We're waiting for you with a special party collection too!

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