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6+1 vintage tips on how to have an eco-conscious Christmas!

Your loved ones are not the only ones you can please this Christmas. You can also do our Earth a favor by choosing to buy unique, original and quality gifts instead of mass produced goods that are produced in a way that's harmful to the environment. 

In this regard all Szputnyik products are perfect gifts, however, those who want to be as conscious as they can and want to reduce their and the recipient's ecological footprints at the same time should go for our vintage specilaities!

Quality is guaranteed, since all garments and accessories go through a detailed inspection and they get professionally reworked if needed before going on to embelish a new owner's wardrobe.

All these clothes have a personality and their own history, therefore they are  really valuable gifts. If a vintage treasure matches its wearer it means the beginning of a beautiful friendship, and you get to be the one who made it happen! 

Either it's the perfect New Year's outfit for your girlfriend, a long awaited basic piece for your mom, or a quality, sophisticated or even a goofy one-of-a-kind tie for your boyfriend.

Our vintage treasures are perfect gifts for the hopeless romantics,the daydreamers, the seekers of individuality, the strong-minded and the lovers of past eras.

1. Vintage blouses 

They fit every occasion. You can find countless styles, colors and patterns at our stores. You can get a sophisticated, elegant one for your boyfriend's mom, or a vibrant, colorful piece for a crazy friend. 

Check them out online:

2. Vintage dress

Are you looking for an elegant evening dress, or a versatile cleared-out vintage piece for a loved one? This is just the place for you! 

Look around here:

3. Vintage bags

A long lasting, unique bag or purse from the past is a very personal and valuable gift! 

Choose one online for someone you love :

4. Vintage coats

A vintage coan can be a practical gift that truly fits the season! Loo around and browse our textile, fur and faux-fur coat.

Check our online selection:

5. Vintage pullovers

If you already know how comfortable and practical a vintage wool-wonder is, then give this experience this Christmas to someone significant to you. Not to mention that a vintage Christmas uglysweater is a five star gift!

Vintage pullovers on our webshop:

Our Christmas uglysweater guide:

6. Funny ties and braces

There are men whose wishes are hard to guess. If you know an extroverted gentleman whi is a challenge to surprise at Christmas then buy him a funny tie or a pair of braces! Everyone appreciates a funny gift!

+1. Wrap green!

There are many small gestures you can make during Christmas preparations in order to be more eco-friendly. For a start, you can refuse plastic bags at the stores. You can significantly reduce the amount of persistent waste by taking a bigger bag or taking your own reusable shopping bag with you.

The same applies to wrapping gifts. Use recycled wrappers or put the presents in reusable gift-bags or boxes!

Visit our stores or shop online anytime this december, choose those vintage favorites that match your loved ones the most and witness their great encounters this Christmas! 

Our online vintage selection is here:

You can find out everything about our Holiday opening hours here:


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