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Back to School

Why couldn't we be happy about September? It's definitely easier to cry over summer, however you can always count on Szputnyik shop to bring attention to new adventures and new beginnings!

Fall fashion is versatile and exciting, not to mention that you do not have to put your summer wardrobe away just becasue the calendar says so.

We have collected all the must have accessories and clothes that'll make returning to school easier.

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You need a suitable backpack for both high school books and endless university lectures. All the newest bag trends and popular classics await you at Szputnyik shop, what's more, now even the swedish brand, Fjällräven's backpacks are available in more than 20 colors!

If you found the backpack, it's time to get some notebooks! Many of you already know that it's not only festival shopping we are perfect for, but we also have everything you might need for going back to school. Browse our hundreds of unique printed notebooks so nothing important will be forgotten this year!

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Be positive about the upcoming months, there are many amazing experiences to come, such as shopping for clothes for the new season witch is the best thing about these times. We have always offered the best new or vintage designs of any season!


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