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🎄Behind the scenes - This is how our Christmas material was made 🎄

It gets dark early, it's cold, November is almost over... This can only mean one thing! CHRISTMAS is almost here! 🎄

As every year, we were really looking forward to this period, so this month could not pass without the usual Christmas photo shoot.

Already at the end of October, we started looking for locations and brainstorming ideas about the topic. The Christmas sweater is a fixed element for us, but we wanted to approach it from a slightly different perspective. Anyone interested in fashion knows that "going back" to the old days is quite a common inspiration for trends. In the end, this is how we decided on the sets. The hippie style of the 70s, rockabilly, or the glittering set of the 80s also appear in this year's pictures. Retro is really cool!

It has been a tradition for us for a long time that our own colleagues and close acquaintances are the models for photo shoots. This year was no different! Everyone is looking forward to the big photo shoot at the end of the year, so it is not difficult to rally the model team.

Regarding the location, we couldn't have found a better place! What could be cooler, more retro than a nightclub covered in vinyl?

We really enjoyed this day! We hope that you will also like the pictures and that we can provide some inspiration for preparing for Christmas! Whether it's an outfit for the 24th, or just a gift idea...

Enjoy your preparations and keep an eye on us, as we are constantly updating you with news and gift ideas!