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Happy Saint Patrick's Day! - This is how Szputnyik celebrates

The celebration of the Ireland's patron saint St. Patrick is the biggest holiday in the country. The festivities they have are so huge that all the world envies them for this day, therefore it's no longer only Ireland where they celebrate it, and drink to St. Patrick.

These celebrations and parties are more and more common in Budapest, too, so we have decided to show you what you can celebrate in if you decide to join the spring parties on 17 March.

Izgalmas barna-zöld mintás vintage ingünket könnyedén megbolondíthatjuk egy, az alkalomhoz tökéletesen megválasztott réznyaklánccal.

Symbols connected to the Irish culture are essentials when it comes to this holiday. Everything is covered in clovers, and Guinness is everywhere! Sounds nice, doesn't it? And that's not all! Outdoor parties, parades, concerts and pub crawls all day long. There's only one rule: wear green! 

A zöld színt a különböző csíkozások és növényi minták teszik még inkább a Szent Patrik-naphoz illővé.

Check our tips for this special day and join the St. Patrick Day party!

Az ír kocsmazene kedvelőinek is készüóltük egy zenekaros trikóval, amit a megfelelő kiegészítőkkel dobhatod fel a legjobban.

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