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Our latest accessories for a bombastic summer!

Not only has our vintage range been expanded in our shop, but we have also been spotlighting our new limited edition accessories. Scroll through our gallery for fun summer essentials guaranteed to brighten up even the simplest outfit!

Colours, patterns and the most unique styles make our jewellery and other accessories inimitable, perfect for summer days. jewels of your look.
Pair them with a simple jeans and top combo, or wear them with your most decorative outfit and the effect is sure to be unmissable.
You'll find a wide range of jewellery in our shop and online. Classic gold and silver colours dominate our earrings and rings, but you can also find stone, feather and fringe pieces.

This summer, your hairstyle can't go without a little embellishment with our latest hair bows and elastics, which add colour and uniqueness to any hairstyle.
Revamp your outfits! With what? Embroider your favourite, fun pins or decorate them with clothes stickers to create a unique and personalised outfit!

PINS >>>

If it's summer, we can't forget sunglasses. Choose from hundreds of different styles in every colour of the rainbow. Whether oval, sporty, kitten, steampunk or classic, the collection is packed with sunglasses we've only dreamed of!

Nobody likes to carry a backpack in the summer heat, so make sure you have a compact small bag that will hold your valuables super well in the heat. Practical and unique? Of course! Special textures and patterns are waiting for you!
If you're sticking with the tried and tested backpack, we recommend you check out our other products that are a great choice for a holiday or a trip.

BAGS >>>

Even though the days are easier, we've still got to forget about wearing a mask. Be conscious and careful, but you don't have to give up on design now. Our gorgeous pastel, tie-dyed or even patterned masks will bring a bit of cheer even in this situation!