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Leather jacket - one of the spring favorites

When an extra layer is still essential, but you already want to walk in the light spring sunshine, a leather jacket can be the perfect choice. It's warm enough, but you won't feel like you can't move from the layers. And in addition, in the spring of 2023, wilder leather jackets will conquer street fashion, so you shouldn't miss them. Leather jacket mustard yellow

In 2023, the leather jacket will be fashionable again. However, this is not new, rather the leather jacket craze that has been going on for years continues. Hailey Bieber - who has been dictating trends for years - recently presented a simple, yet great outfit in the form of a cool and relaxed leather jacket.

Leather jacket blog

The main attraction of a set can easily be a black leather jacket, which differs from the trends of previous years to the extent that it now evokes the leather jacket fashion of the '90s. This garment can be easily and easily varied, and is perfect for the even cooler spring weather.

Leather jacket blog

T-line jackets now take center stage. The wide shoulder solution is also found in shorter styles and full of pockets, so transitional jackets with a casual design dominate.

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