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LUCA day is still bewitched this year as well at Szputnyik!

We believe after seven years we can call our Luca day (Saint Lucy's Day in English) sale an annual tradition in Szputnyik shop's life. On that day you get to buy all our products for 20% less!

Our bewitched sale is not the only custom connected to 13 December, Luca day. There are Hungarian traditions and superstitions that originate from before the introduction of the gregorian clendar, and there are parts of the country people still act according to these on that day. They make a certain stool from which witches become visible, and plant grains that are suppised to predict next year's harvest. 
It doesn't matter how advanced and globalised our world becomes, we have to honor and remember our roots. That's what we would like to bring attention to with celebratin Luca day every year.
We cannot promise you protection from the witches, however, we can promise you can get a 20% discount on all our products!

Come to any of our stores on Tuesday, 13 December, on Luca day, choose your favorite items and say the passsword to the cashier to recieve a 20% discount on your purchase. What's more, in 2016 the sale is not only going on at our stores but it's also extended to our webshop, you just have to submit the password upon check-out. 

Password: Luca-Luca

Hurry, since Christmas is upon us and that is a perfect opportunity to buy the presents with a discount!

*The discount is not valid for Fjallraven products!

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