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The New Trend: Dopamine Dressing - Brighten up your mood with some colourful pieces!

Dopamine dressing promises to be the big trend of 2022. The main purpose of this dressing is to make the owners of clothes feel good. The aim is to make you feel extra and glamorous when you step out of the house. Colour, style and texture can all psychologically lift your mood, and often a pattern or fabric is associated with good memories. Stepping out of your comfort zone can improve the release of dopamine in your body, which as we all know is the main happiness hormone! 

Take a look at some of these glamorous sets!

Along with the pandemic came a loss of control, and many of the things that brought us joy every day are now out of reach or suspended. Fortunately, there is at least one thing that we have not lost control of and that brings us happiness: dressing.

The link between the way we dress and our state of mind is once again receiving a lot of attention, with style publications predicting that the trend for 2022 will be 'dopamine dressing', which means dressing in a way that brings us pleasure and boost our mood.

This year people are heading beyond the rainbow with vibrant outfits and colourful palettes. From rainbow-coloured dresses to electric blues, fashion 2022 will be all about dresses with an energetic kick that exudes good vibes. All genders and ages will love this trend!

Az elegáns külső nem ér véget a tetőtől talpig fekete ruháknál. Kérdezd csak meg Cherifa Akilit. A divattervező esztétikáját olyan erőteljes palettákkal határozza meg, mint a fukszia színű kiegészítők és a túlméretezett zöld blézerek. Kövesd Cherifát az idei év legvibrálóbb színeiben pompázó, elegáns utcai ruhákért.

The chic look doesn't end with head-to-toe black dresses. Just ask Cherifa Akili. The designer defines her aesthetic with bold palettes like fuchsia accessories and oversized green blazers. Follow Cherifa for chic streetwear in this year's most vibrant colours.

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.We have long known that certain colours are linked to psychology. And while that's part of the trend, it's more than just bright patterns and fabrics. Texture and style can enhance mood and more. "What we wear influences our emotions to the point that it can distort and determine our thoughts and judgments," writes psychologist Karen Pine in Mind What You Wear: The Psychology of Fashion. Researchers call this "cognition by implication" and have indeed found that our clothes can have symbolic meanings that affect our brains and our performance. So whether you want to look colourful, sexy or simply comfortable, it's all about wearing what makes you feel good.

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