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Dorca Borca Tattoo x Szputnyik shop

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We've recently launched our Birthday giveaway in which you get the chance to win a tattoo worth 30.000 HUF provided you give the correct answers to our questions. (

Now you get to know the artist, Dóri Berczi aka Dorca Borca, who will tattoo our winner at Have salon (Budapest, IX. Bakáts tér 8.).

Dóri had tried many professions over the years,  she studied to become a cocktail mixer, a photographer, an ornamentalist and she had also worked as a window-dresser. She even lived in Italy studying illustration. Finally she has found her calling through tattooing after graduating as a graphic designer at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts.

Thanks to her original style and creative works she has soon become a significant member of the Hungarian tattoo scene. 

When was your first encounter with tattoos and when did you decide to do it for a living?

A close friend - who is also a tattoo artist since then - introduced me the world of tattoos when I was about 16. They already knew that this is what they wanted to do in the future. I have only decided by the age of 26, following a life-changing talk, that after graduating as a graphic designer I'll turn to tattooing. My parents were shocked. I am still doing graphic design, but the emphasis is on tattoos. 

What is your favorite style to work in? Do you have favorite designs that you'd like to do or have already done? 

My style is similar to my graphics. I can't label it. I prefer illustrative, simple designs. I feel lucky because most of my clients ask for these. Usually my latest work is my favorite. It'd be hard to choose. Here are some of my recent tattoos: 

What are the most important steps everyone has to take before getting a tattoo, from making the decision to the actual session? 

I think that it depends on the person and the tattoo. There are people who are more spontaneous, then there are no steps to take. There are some, though, who are more careful and have some consultations and check out the design in the making before actually getting it tattoed on themselves. It's a completely different situation if it's your first tattoo or if it's your fourth. 

Do you think fashion and tattoos are connected? 

Absoultely. They have an impact on eachother. For exaple, skulls were considered extremely negative symbols before the 70's and people didn't wear them at all untill the fashion industry started to use them, and today they're completely accepted. Moreover, tattooed models can be seen more often for a few years now. On the other hand, those who have tattooes tend to dress more daringly to express themselves, and the other way round.

Do you prefer the old or the new? 

Definitely the old when it comes to clothes and furniture. The quality of antique and vintage objects is much higher. And they are more intimate, too. The process itself is nicer, the digging and finding eachother.

How long have you known Szputnyik shop? Have you ever shopped at our stortes?

I have known Szputnyik shop since the beginning. I live a corner away from the original store, and I have moved there around the time it opened. Of course, I have several clothes from your shop. 

What is your message to those who don't have any tattoos yet? 

To those who would like to get one someday, my message is that they have to carefully think about what to get, where to get it and which artist they choose. To those who'll never have a tattoo I'd say to be tolerant.

Check Dóri's works at her up-to-date Instagram page: