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We shot a new campaign - get behind the scenes!

This summer we have shot a new editorial, in the name of our core values, uniqueness, self-confidence and unapologetic personal stlye. The message is transmitted by fopur popular alternative voices: Bíborka Bocskor, Sára Herrer, Odett and Barbara Schoblocher. The girls were eager to tell us about how they discovered Szputnyik shop, and how they wear our items on stage and in their everyday lives. 

If you'd like to know more about their thoughts then keep following us, since we'll shortly publish some behind the scenes videos and interviews.

The singers of bands Blahalouisiana, Magashelyi Underground, Mary Popkids and Odett proudly stand forconscious shopping and the value of vintage treasures, so they were happy to work with us.

We have transformed them into brave, proud and bohemian brides for the shoot, who don't care about anyone's opinion and shape themselves and their surroundings however they want. The girls do so in their everyday lives as well, since their art and self-expression is part of who they are. 

The results speak for themselves, you'll soon be able to see them!

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