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The local brand, ERTZ brings new colors!

One of the best ways to make a positive impact on our environment is to do everything we can to support local, local small businesses and designers with ideas that are just emerging.

We are placing more and more emphasis on Hungarian brands, who help the spirit of more sustainable fashion not only with their products, but also with their thoughts. Priority will be given to designers who recycle items destined for disposal and strive to produce as little waste as possible in their production processes. 
These designers include ERTZ, which is an important pillar of the cycling subculture and now a number has returned in a new color!

The Ertz makes a fusion with the biker culture and with the sustainable fashion in the amazing bags. You can find 2 types of bumbags in our shop and on the webshop. One of them is decorated and recycled with classic cassettes and other biker equipments in many creative way. Search for the unique designs in different colors on webshop!