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⭐ NEW ⭐ ~ These vintage jackets are one of a kind!

Upcycling and recycling are key words in sustainable fashion. So you don't have to buy new clothes to upcycle your wardrobe, just recycle the pieces you already own.

That's why we're bringing you some of our favourite collections that breathe new life into vintage pieces in creative ways. Next up is our "Reworked" denim jacket collection!
Embroideries and embroideries
In this collection you'll see vintage denim jackets that we've reworked a bit. Embroideries on the backs and huge patches fill them with meaning and colour. You're guaranteed to only get one of each!

Rethinking special materials
In the case of environmental sustainability, the focus is not only on immense waste, but also on rethinking the materials available. This is upcycling. Now a special capsule collection has been added to our shop and webshop, giving new life to old textiles and handcrafted materials in the spirit of sustainable fashion.
Classic embroideries, strong woven fabrics in the most beautiful pastel or even neon shades. These designs will definitely not catch your eye on the street!

The patches, embroidery and special fabrics are on branded vintage denim jackets to ensure they'll be your faithful companions on adventures for many years to come!

For more products, scroll through our photo gallery and visit our shop or webshop!