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Spring is coming soon, and at the same time, we can slowly leave behind the thick, winter trends and welcome more cheerful, colorful and lighter pieces. 

Jeans are almost an eternal fashion. It will appear in finer, softer fabrics during the spring, summer fashion of 2021, but more extravagant mixes will also be a big hit this season.

Yellow accessories will dominate the spring, evoking sunlight on either a cleaner or a more bohemian set.

The pleated material has been very popular for years and it won’t be any different this year. The lightweight, pleated material offers countless possibilities, thanks to its playful fall we can achieve a dramatic effect even with a simpler piece.

Black and white can’t be missed from the palette this year either. World-renowned designers have already unveiled their monochrome, checkerboard patchwork-style collection on the catwalks, where two contrasting colors play a major role at the same time. Elegant yet wild. The perfect choice for those who like exciting compilations!

Sequins also return, but in a whole new context. She moves from night to day wear, in a whole new interpretation. We can expect really exciting creations!

Is there anything more energetic than the stripes? The bigger the more spectacular!

The vivid flower pattern should not be missing from the 2021 repertory either. The more extravagant, the more colorful compilations we strive for this season!

Pastel and candy colors are the defining shades of the year. Lighter, more discreet colors steal themselves into our hearts and evoke the beauties of spring budding.

It is advisable to choose clothes that can be worn several times and can be easily varied to take sustainability into account. Clothing production is one of the biggest polluters. Choose used vintage treasures, giving the garments a longer life!