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The true color of Halloween: Black!

In Hungary, in the last few years, we can observe the real spread of the American holiday, Halloween. More and more schoolchildren are adopting this habit and the masquerade, which enlivens the carnival atmosphere, has also become very popular among adults.

Halloween is intertwined with the night, the terrifying figures and monsters, where we get a glimpse into a whole new dimension.

But do we know the exact origin of this?
"In English, Halloween literally means the evening before All Hallows. An ancient Celtic holiday, it started in Ireland and Britain and remained mainly in the Scottish, Irish and Welsh communities. Immigrants later took this tradition with them to the North -Also in America, where it has become increasingly popular and then spread as part of American culture in English-speaking Western states, and in the last few years it has also become surprisingly famous in Western Europe. "
The Halloween cultural circle also has its defining shapes, figures, and colors. These include orange, vivid green and purple evoking monsters, and last but not least, black, which is perhaps the most dominant of all.

This color is intertwined with the night and the terrifying, evil elements, yet it is one of the most popular shades in the fashion industry, as it is extremely versatile and universal in all respects. 

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