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Frida Kahlo- The Immortal Fashion Icon

A héten az ő halhatatlanságát szeretnénk veletek ünnepelni, ezért játékra hívunk titeket! NYERJETEK 2 db jegyet a november 17-i zenés táncos Frida előadásra az Átrium Film-Színházba valamint egy Fridás pulóvert a legújabb téli kollekciónkból!

We were happy to see that you like our Frida Khalo products so much, so we decided to surprise you with a programme opportunity and some more details of Frida’s life, not to mention you even have a chance to win!

Read on for the details!

Divatos Frida Kahlo mintás trikók, színes digitális mintával. Stílusos kiegészítő, akár lezser, akár elegánsabb viselethez.Frida tank top €14.50

The programmme mentioned is a play produced and performed by Budapest Operetta and Musical Theatre and the Éva Duda Troupe that you can see at Átrium Theatre.

As Frida, the main character, you can see Dorka Gryllus and Petra Gubik in a split role. The production is full of special visual effects, live music, contemporary dance to bring Frida’s spirit back to life.
We can witness the obsessive life of Frida, her passionate love for her husband, Diego Riviera and little stories about her unique art.

You can read more about the performance here:

Frida mintás kis pamut táska, többféle mintában, cipzárral a tetején. Little purse €13

Frida left a significant mark in popculture, especially in fashion and art. Her paintings have inspired many other artists up until today. Her emblematic stlye followed the tehuana tradicional dressing which originates from the southern territories of Mexico. Its main elements are colorful textures and flower patterns.

After decades of Frida’s death, she still has an influence on the fashion industry. For example, Madonna and Gwen Stefani were inspired by her, and Jean Paul Gaultier dedicated his spring collection to Frida in 1998..

Frida mintás, divatos pulóver. Eldolgozatlan szegélyű, színes, lezser pulcsi.Frida sweater €29

This is why we’re so enthusiastic and why we’re trying to include more and more items that resemble Frida’s stlye in our inventory. Just like vintage treasures, tops and small purses with Frida on them, that can all be found on our online store and in our stores.

You can find the online selection of Frida items here:

Frida ruhák és kiegészítők online

On this week, we’d like to celebrate with you the immortality of Frida Kahlo. Let’s join to the giveaway!
Win 2 tickets to the show and a unique sweater with Frida’s pattern form the new, limited winter collection!

You can enter the giveaway through on Facebook page!

Learn more about the paintings of Frida Kahlo: