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Get the Look - 90's rule

Fashion is about reinvention, not about constantly creating something new. The greats of the industry often rech back into the past for insoiration when coming up with the latest trends.

That is the case with the fashion of the 90's as well that's revived in these last few years. Thanks to the cycle of fashion it is common that we find treasures in our parents' wardrobes, that can be worn today as well.

We strongly believe in that cycle, and we aim to be a part of it by saving and pereserving quality items of the past.

We're bringing you the best looks and bands of the 1990's, get nostalgic with us!

Oops! We did it again!

Britney exploded into the musical sphere as an innocent and charming yet mysterious and hot schoolgirl. She became exptremely popular and people followed her rise and shine through her career. 

Her signature look was a cropped top with school uniform like skirts and sneakers topped with a cool jacket. 

She had a style that is both sexy and comfortable at the same time!

Wannabe Spice girl!

The girl band was famous for the colorful and very different personalities of its members like Posh Spice and Sporty Spice. They were all individuals in the band.

Therefore really loose and sporty looks and sequinnes all can be inspired by them, you can even get away with crazy printed and cropped items. They were never boring: they were shining bright and were always energetic!

We want it this way!

In paralell with the birth of the biggest pop divas, the 90's was the era of boybands, too. Meaning rompers, printed shirts, fishing hats, extreme shades and colorful leather jackets. These heartbreakeres inspired many men to have an elegant but loose look. Live your youth again!


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