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Gift Guide from the Szputnyik Guys



As Christmas season's about to begin, Szputnyik's guys would like to help you choose the most awesome gifts for your loved ones. Have a look what they picked for you!


Owner, the founder of Szputnyik Shop 


Favourite place in Budapest: Wave Record Store
Favourite band: Velvet Underground
In which era would you like to live in the most?: in 1968, New York City.
Favourite book: András Cserna-Szabó - Szíved helyén épül már a Halálcsillag
The most memorable concert: Madrugada

"The point of the outfit is that i chose the leather jacket as an urban element with a pair of more sophisticated chelsea boots. It makes the whole set comfortable yet elegant, high quality, stylish but still casual. A lot depends on the accessories, so this qualitative, leather, monochrome laptop case could be the perfect choise for the weekdays."

Vintage Versace geniune leather jacket: €134
You can find it on the webshop:
Leonard Heyden vintage leather hangbag: €67 
You can get it on the webshop:
Marc O'Polo vintage chelsea boots: €70 (you can get it in the store at Dohány street)




Shop manager of Szputnyik - D20 


Where would you travel to the most?: Iceland
Favourite band: Glass Animals
Favourite movie: anything with Sir Anthony Hopkins
Favourite colour:black
Which time would you live in the most?: In the present.

"We have a huge variety of scarves so everybody can find the one to their taste, but if you want to give it as a gift then you can't crash into the wall either.
The gift card is not the most personal choice but it's a hit! These sunglasses are my favourites that fit to everyone perfectly thanks to their classic design."


Thick scarf: €24 (It can be found both in our stores in Király and in Dohány street)
Sunglasses: 2.990 Ft 
You can get on the webshop:
Gift card: you can buy them both in our stores.
You can find more information about gift cards here:



Salesman (emerging DJ)

Favourite book: George Orwell- 1984
Where would you travel to the most?: Cape Town
What celebrity would you like to meet the most?: Björk
Which time would you live in the most?: in the ’70s, ’80s. I adore that fashion and music!
Favourite band: Fever Ray

"The reason why I picked the black boots, the blouse and the denim jeans that they're totally representing the style of punk. Not only the colour black and studs can be punk, but everything what is wild, extravagant, strengthens  the female gender, colorful and daring. This is punk! Every woman should have a few of them in their wardrobe to stand out from the crowd."

 Vintage blouse €27
You can get it from here:
Black vintage women boots €47 ( You can get it in the store in Dohány street)
Marble abraded vintage denim: €24  (You can find the jeans in the store in Dohány street)



Salesman (amateur photographer)

Favourite movie: Star Wars
Favourite food: pizza
Favourite band: Mastodon
The most memorable concert: Gojira
Best place in Budapest: the aikido dojo where i train

One of my favourite movie is the first trilogy of Star Wars, that's why I picked the copper ring. It's awesome! My particular favourites are the Herschel jacket and fullcap, not only the brand but also the camouflage pattern is cool! I adore their colours and motives and they are high quality products. I'd be so happy to get one of them as a present!

Copper ring: € 14 (You can find them in the stores)
Herschel jackett: € 84 (You can find them in the Dohány street)
Herschel fullcap: € 54 (You can get them in the Dohány street)



Salesman (amateur pilot)

Favourite band: alt-J
Favourite place in Budapest: Madách square
Favourite book: Alexander Szimonov- Egy fiatalember feljegyzései
The most memorable concert: In 2017 at Sziget festival the singer of alt-J waved me while i was shouting "JOE! JOE!" like hell.
Where would you travel to the most?: Berlin

"The Fjallraven Kanken backpacks have became my true loves, I can put all my stuff in them whether i go to work or to paragliding. I'm totally satisfied with their quality! The socks and the suspenders are my personal favourites, you can wear them in a casual way or also in a super elegant way to the theatre for example. "

Fjallraven Kanken backpack: €94
You can get it on the webshop:
Black suspenders: € 10 (They can be found in both of our stores)
Socks with sailor print: €7(You can find them at both of our stores)

 If you were inspired by the guys' gift guide, visit our stores at D20 or K22 for the treasures, or scroll on the webshop for the other special items!


You can check the webshop here: