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New rings arrive - Wrap your finger around the mood

Many, many new rings have been added to the shop so that everyone can choose their favourite. There are colourful patterned pieces, cute shapes and of course gold and silver plated pieces. Check us out and wrap your fingers around our rings to get you on your way in a fun mood.


Aren't they cute? You almost want to bite into them, they look so sweet. This is a personal favourite of ours! If you love colourful and cute teddy bear patterns, get one. In fact, we'll tell you, you can even buy them as a set with earrings and a necklace.

Színes gyűrűk

And if you have a friend who loves gummy bears, you've already found the perfect gift for them.


These stone and mineral effect rings are all the rage right now, so don't miss out.

Ezüst gyűrűk

And our silver rings come in better and better shapes and designs. If you're a fan of bold, oversized pieces, don't hesitate. Would an Indian or a wolf suit you? Come into the shop and try it on!


There are also plenty of new pieces in gold, with more understated, cleaner pieces that add understated jewellery and elevate your outfit.
But there are also some extravagant pieces, so don't hesitate to slip a beetle or even a bull's head on your finger!

Gyűrű - aranyozott

The rings can be found in the shop at 20 Dohány Street and will soon be available on the webshop!