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Halloween trivia to make the holiday complete!

We've prepared a big batch of exciting accessories for Halloween, so you can get all the details of your set just right and be a real spooky witch/wizard! Beware, anything can happen under the cover of dark night, so get your outfits, accessories, rings, boots and bags in time!

If you feel like you're missing something from your outfit but don't know what it is, chances are you'll need to add some pins to your black jacket. We have a whole range of magical and spooky pins for you to choose from. Check out the full collection!

Pins >>>

Halloween - kitűzők

Our personal favourite: Graveyard shift

Halloween - kitűzők

And if you're thinking of something bigger and longer lasting, we've got Halloween stitchers for you. Sew one on and bring a little extra darkness to the night. In fact, we'll tell you, you don't even need to sew them on, just iron them onto your outfit and you're done.

Halloween - felvarrók

Skeletons and a little Mexican flair

Halloween - felvarrók

You can also dress up your fingers with a festive splash of colour. Choose our leather rings and be unique!

Halloween - gyűrűk

Jump into one of our vintage boots, grab a broom between your legs and fly high, leaving all the boring muggles behind.
Our vintage boots are only available in our shop at 20 Dohány Street. Pop in to check out our full range.

Halloween - vintage csizmák


Halloween - vintage csizmák

If you're looking for a cool bag to complete your outfit (and why go anywhere without one), check out our collection, because you're sure to find one that'll fit the holiday theme. We especially recommend the orange shades, but you can't go wrong with this toothy fanny pack either.

Halloween - táskák

This fisherman's hat has been just waiting for the moment to be here for Halloween and its wolfish pattern will add a spooky touch to your evening.

Halloween - halászsapka, napszemüveg

Come in and and collect the coolest Halloween accessories. It will be a truly spooky treasure hunt!

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