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Get the freedom on your back!

Simultaneously with the spring weather, bags suitable for lighter city trips or large excursions will also come out of the lockers one after the other and this year will not be any different!

Enjoy the freedom you have regained and immerse yourself in the adventures, of course in a responsible and safe way!
What is a good backpack like? Practical and comfortable. But you don’t have to think about bulky tour bags right away, as we’ve brought you our stylish and extravagant pieces that will stand their ground on any program.

Box backpacks

If you want a cavalcade of different patterns and extreme colors, our practical box backpacks are just waiting for you.

The variety of textures gives them one of their main virtues, and in addition, thanks to its distribution and small internal pockets, they are also terribly practical to keep them tidy.

Their straps are variable and you can choose many styles to your outfit.

Canvas backpacks

If you want a sportier piece, you can also choose from countless new and classic styles for our quality canvas backpacks.

The shades and styles are very different to find the perfect one to your style.

For more backpacks check our webshop or visit our stores!