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Seven style tips for every day of the week - Be different this spring!

Spring came into our life as hurricane and entered our everyday lives madly. If you can't keep up with the fast pace and aren't ready for a real spring outfit, we've got some ideas for what to wear with the arrival of the first rays of sunshine. So that you finally don't have to think in terms of a bunch of layers and it's not just your puffy jacket that's going to be showing off in your outfit, you've got a much wider palette and more options at your disposal.

This year, no one is telling you to be clean, simple, monochrome or minimal. This spring is not about being understated. Combine patterns and fabrics as you like, stripes with florals, leather with cotton, metallic with lace. Take inspiration from the stylists and create your own variation of vintage and contemporary fashion staples!
Plus, it's our first free spring in years, you can finally really live spring and get out from the house. Take advantage of it and show your soul that you can finally be free. Choose clothes that will lift your spirits. Be it redblue or even yellow, the more colourful the better!
Feel free to pair our vintage band tees with a bold piece. Skirt, sunglasses or maybe a fisherman's cap? Go for it! This year won't be about being understated, it's all about you.

Colourful, patterned blazers? The best choice for spring. They're warm enough, but you don't have to wear a big coat. If you're bored of a denim jacket, spice up your day with one of these colourful pieces. It's sure to make you feel even better. But you can't go wrong with brown western boots either, as they go great with any simple piece and add a little excitement to your day.

Scarves and leather jackets above all else? A silk shawl and a leather jacket can be a great pairing, as they have the opposite effect, yet look nice together.

Finally, patterned shirts can be seen again, no more hiding them under your sweater. Choose a variety of pieces and bring more colour to spring. But besides, you can't say no to a super pair of Martens boots - they're a big favourite too.

We will probably never get tired of denim jackets. Especially when it comes to Levi's jackets made from such a super material. And you can combine them endlessly with colourful and patterned pieces. For example with a chic floral skirt!

A jeans jacket, baseball cap, sunglasses, a cool pair of boots and white trousers. It's perfect on its own. Clean but not boring.

If you want a bit of an American basketball style, but don't want a very sporty outfit, you can mix it up with an elegant jacket. The result: chic and cool!

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