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Inspiring women of today building a better tomorrow

Modern nők egy jobb jövőért

In our previous post we have listed three 20. century women who inspired fashion, culture and feminism in a way, that has changed the present for all women. 
To further celebrate March 8. International Women's day, we now present to you three women of today, who work hard on shaping the future for all of us, and of whom we can be proud as women and as of activists, too. Their political, social and charitable activism makes us role models, not to mention that they always present themselves perfectly either they're attendint the Oscars, or take an afternoon hike.

Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama a legnépszerűbb First Lady

The firs person on our list sets the bar really high right away. She used to be the First Lady of the US, maybe the most popular so far of her title. She proved her social responsibility many times through her charitable work. She is an advocate for healthy eating and raised awareness to the danger of childhood obesity, a condition that is very common in the US. Minorities and persons with disabilities were priorities for her and she thrived to help the families of fallen soldiers and veterans. 
Along with her influence on social issues she also shaped how middle-aged businesswomen dress. Always professional, always pretty. She loves dresses for all occasions and never stood out too much. She was eager to look like "one of us", she always appeared in items that are available to the public as well, and avoided custom made luxory items. 

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennyfer Lawrence aki a változásért küzd

FAns are crazy about the rebellious Oscar-winning actress. Her exciting roles, professional acting and unique and approachable personality make her a favorite for many people. She is friendly, cool and loves our favorite pub here in Budapest, where we shot our New Year's editorial, Klub Vittula. Her extraordinary personality is paired with social consciousness, she is a political activist, trying to turn young adults to politics and urge them to take actiona nd shape the world. 
Her style is also worth mentioning, since she is the person who is breathtaking in both a ball gown and a jeans and t-shirt combination. 

Emma Watson

Emma Watson, az élhető jövő hírnöke

Our favorite Hermione grew up to be the voice of many important movements. Her Instagram is a platform for countless important issues. She raises awareness to crucial events with every act shoe does, including social media posts. Now she even stood up for environmentally conscious fashion and started to wear only second hand a vintage designs and promote them to her followers. She believes these items to be more unique and better quality than fast fashion products. Follow her example and take a stand for what you believe in. 

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