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Christmas selection - Celebrating that it's great to be different!

There are many of us and many ways in which we see the ideal Christmas. Some with extended family, some with two, some with friends. But we can all agree that we want peace and quiet, we want to fill ourselves with kindness, scones and gifts for everyone around us.
As the holidays approach, it's important to find the perfect gift for everyone, but it's also important to do it sustainably. So we should always buy thoughtfully, something that our loved ones will use. If you can, give preference to second-hand items, as there are already too many manufactured products on the shelves. And if that's not possible, choose carefully and look for sustainable brands.
Packaging is another pillar of a sustainable Christmas. Avoid single-use wrapping paper and, for example, wrap in a vintage scarf that can then decorate the head of the recipient.
What do people think of second-hand clothes?
66% of shoppers say they are open to receiving a second-hand gift.

Használt ruhát ajándékozni menő

Do you know your recipient's style, but don't know what gift to give them?
Now we've gathered some of the types of people you're sure to please when you choose from these products.
The treasure hunter
Do you love unique vintage pieces and get the most joy when you come across a truly unique treasure? Gift him with something truly out of the ordinary!
And why is vintage clothing cool? Because just by buying a second-hand dress you can reduce its carbon, waste and water footprint by 83%. Your loved ones will appreciate that.
Choose from a selection of unique pieces either in the shop or in the store. Here's a taste of what you'll find here.


The LMBTQ activist
She's a vocal advocate for human rights and likes to show it on her clothes! Help her to truly fulfill her potential by gifting her with a big dose of rainbows. Be an enthusiastic supporter of the #loveislove revolution yourself and pass it on to others so that no one has to live in fear.

LMBTQ aktivista

The hipster
Not wanting to fit in, not following the mainstream industries, but rather creating their own style. He's into biking, tattoos, vinyl and vintage shops, and loves indie bands. Help him express himself even more and pick out some of the following for him.


The diva
Style is her main characteristic, she loves good brands and quality stuff. She likes to create her own fashion and always wears unique and bold clothes. Complement her unique and bold style with these ideas.


The eco-conscious
Zero waste, vegan, loves nature. His main goal is to convince big business and governments to take responsibility for the environment. Help. him to be even more visible and raise awareness in his environment about this problem that affects everyone. He will surely love anything that is animal, plant, sustainable and even express his opinion through it.


+1 The Christmas Worshipper
Your favourite season is winter and you prefer to listen to Christmas songs all year round? Are you dressed in Christmas themed outfits all December and can't even pull off your comfy slippers? Give her a dose of Christmas!


And if you don't know what to give, GIVE FREEDOM!
With our gift vouchers you can't go wrong!
One gift, endless excitement, zero guesswork. A gift of style and sustainability for loved ones.
Learn the best way to give the gift of good and reduce waste this holiday season!
More vintage gifts, less holiday waste.
Extending the life of your clothes combats fashion waste. And during one of the most wasteful seasons of the year, frugal gift giving is the smartest, planet-saving choice.

Why is it a good idea?
You can decide what value it's all about;
The recipient has time to redeem their voucher, as it expires 6 months from the date of issue;
Gives you freedom of choice, as the voucher is valid for the full range of goods in store!

Vásárlási utalvány

You can choose between two types of vouchers:
When you shop in our store:
A Szputnyik shop voucher will be issued for any value you specify, which the voucher holder can only purchase in our shop within 6 months from the date of issue.

If you shop online:
You can't go wrong with our gift vouchers!
Szputnyik shop e-shop vouchers are available in pre-defined denominations of HUF 5,000, 10,000, 15,000 and 20,000. Several e-Vouchers in different denominations can be added to the basket.
E-Vouchers are not redeemable for cash and cannot be shared for multiple purchases. We are unable to refund cash if the purchase is for less than the amount on the voucher.
Each voucher has a code number which is used to identify it when redeeming it in-store, and when shopping on our webshop, you must enter the code you receive by email in the "Gift voucher or discount code" field on the checkout page. The full amount of the card will then be deducted.
To avoid fraud, each voucher is equipped with unique, special security features and a code that can only be used in our online or Dohány Street shop.
In case of online purchases, you can only pay via Paypal.
* Our gift vouchers are still available and can be used up to 6 months from the date of issue!
You can find our e-vouchers here:

Get ready for Christmas with our festive products!

If you want to make sure you receive your order by Christmas, we have Christmas gifts for you!
- For postal orders: send it by noon on 20 December 2021 (Monday)!
Orders received after this date are not guaranteed to be delivered before the holiday.
For more eco-conscious and sustainable treasures, browse our webshop or visit our Szputnyik shop!