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Treat yourself on Women's day!

It's International Women's day tomorrow that is not only an opportunity to celebrate people around us, but also to celebrate ourselves.
We're over winter depression and cold and spring's rebirth is just coming. It's about us, not only the trees and flowers, we also need the rejuvenation. Could there be better day to treat ourselves than Women's day? It can be a relaxed afternoon at home, a special chocolate selection, a day at the spa or some new accessories that we deserve after a long winter.

The little things matter so we've picked you our five favourite accessories from our webshop to have a treat for yourself.

First of all we've brought you the real spring sunshine in the form of a gymbag. The gymbag's material is canvas what is totally practical, easily washable and durable and absolutely adorable with this print. The pairing of the colours and contrast are gonna steal your heart too!

Vibráló sárga, tyúkmintás gymbag, ami garantáltan jó kedvre derít.

You can find it here. (20 Euros) 

The second picked item is music of the spring wind: this absolutely adorable little wind wheel pin's going to decorate any of your jackets, hats or bags. Cheer up your clothes with these little jewels and express you personality!Színes, vidám szélkerék mintájú kitűző, hogy feldíszíthesd a ruháidat is.

You can find the pin here (4 Euros)

Choose something matchy for the pin: a vibrating, amber colourred ring with copper inlay.  It perfectly highlight the shades of the summer sun, the blossomed trees and any beauty of spring. Surprise yourself  with a little sunshine!

A borostyán színű műgyanta gyűrű elegánsan hangsúlyozza az apró részleteket is.

You can find the boho ring here (5 Euros)

The warmer weather is here so you can throw away your thick scarves and replace them with amazing silk kerchiefs. In Szputnyik shop we select our vintage collection with huge care to collect the best pieces just like this one. With jewelry print and with vibrating colours it's going to golden the spring. 

Igazi vintage különlegesség ez a kendő, ami vibráló királykék és arany árnyalatokkal zökkent ki a téli kopárságból.

You can find it here (10 Euros)

Finally we picked you this discrete but very lovely bracelet that fits perfectly into the golden theme. Thanks to its creative design it forms a minimalist heart: surprise your loved ones or yourself with this golden treasure!

You can find the bracelet here. (8 Euros)

Make this day special and  reward yourself with some of the treasures!


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