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Accessories separated by colors + some color effects

Do you want a colormaching set? Do you have a favorite color and would you like to decorate yourself with it everywhere? Visit us and choose even by color! And now a little insight into the effect of different colors on the human brain!

Colors not only affect our appearance, but also how we feel and the energy we radiate to others. So we have now collected these main colors so that you can choose from them more consciously in everyday life.

Accessories - Blue


The color of the mind. Its different shades improve the ability to concentrate, stimulate creativity, and have a calming effect on the human mind. However, since it is a cold color, it can have a harsh, cool effect in large quantities.

Accessories - Green


Green is natural to our eyes, our vision does not have to adapt to it, thus it has a calming effect. The color of harmony, balance and peace. Green has a healing effect and symbolizes hygiene and cleanliness. So feel free to wear this color if you want to radiate calmness and peace.

Accessories - Yellow


An invigorating, positive color that affects our emotions more. It stimulates the release of the important happiness hormone, serotonin, into the blood, thereby raising our mood, increasing self-confidence and optimism. It also improves concentration skills and stimulates metabolism.

Accessories - Red


The most vivid color, the color of love, radiates warmth and energy. It is simple , but full of power , and has mainly a stimulating effect . Red objects attract attention because they look closer than the real thing. It also stimulates breathing and heart rate, making it ideal for exercise, for example.

Accessories - Pink


Pink, like a pale shade of red, acts mainly on the physical level, but unlike red, it has a calming effect. It symbolizes femininity , reduces stress and aggression, which is why the walls of prisons are sometimes painted pink .

Come into the store and choose thematically. Or use the color search function on the left side of the search function on the website !