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WINTER SALE- You can get these products with 20% discount

The festive season is over, Christmas and the New Year's Eve' parties are over. Every new year starts with a renewal, so it's time to renew your wardrobe too, because now you can shop your favourite Szputnyik items with 20, 30, 50 percent off!

Visit our stores or shop online during our Winter Sale event, between 26 and 31 January when you can have a guaranteed 20% discount provided you know the password and tell it to the cashier or submit it in our online store. What's more, you can even have 30% or 50% discounts on some of our selected items! 


Here are some of the items you can get on sale during our event.

Modern Bohemian

-20% kedvezmény bundákra, mellényekre és pamutruhákra, amikkel igazán stílusos lehetsz!

In this year, the vintage furs, vests and cotton robes are in the spotlight! The fur coats are inevitable parts of a woman's wardrobe in the winter. You can wear it with an elegant dress or even with a sporty one, it gives a unique look for your appearence.

The cotton dresses are perfectly combined in almost any way. You can get these in countless colors and with many patterns to cheer up your everydays!

Our online selection:

Color cavalcade in the grizzle

20% kedvezmény winter sale akciónk keretein belül

For a sneak peek, we bring you some of our unique vintage sweatshirts what can make your days beautiful in the winter. They defend you from the minuses while your apperance is real vintage.
With the particular tanktops you can express your personality, because everybody finds the perfect match for her selfhood in our stores and on the webshop too!

Our online selection:
Other prints:


Minimalist must have pieces for pet lovers 

If you're a pet lover, you can't live without a funny, unique leggings like this what can protect you in the winter or without the tanktops with the particular prints what can be a perfect underwear in the big colds too. The droll prints makes everybody"s day beautiful and now you can get them with 20% off to have you pets with you all the time.

Our online selection:

For music loversA Szputnyik kedvenc zenekarjait most pulóvereinken is megtalálhatod. Legyél örök lázadó ezekben a különleges pulcsikban! A srácoknak sem kell aggódniuk a hidegben, hiszen most férfi télikabátjainkat is -20% kedvezménnyel szerezhetitek be!

We've been thinkig about the boys too so you can find your favourite bands on the sweatshirts! The unisex pullovers are for girls too at the same time to become an eternal rebel!
A huge selection of male vintage coats are waiting for you with many special patterns, textils and textures in the spirit of vintage lifestlye.  Get out of the grizzle with Szputnyik shop!

Our online selection:
More coats:


This is only a sneak peek into our selection on sale, follow our blog, Facebook and Instagram.

We are waiting for you during our Winter Sale between 26 and 31 of January. Don't forget that this month doesn't have to be boring, and winter doesn't have to be gloomy!

* The discount is not valid for Fjallraven products and cannot be combined with any other sales and promotions.



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