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Get ready for Sun! New sunglasses in the Shop!

Spring is coming, the birds are chirping and the sunny afternoons are getting longer. So, we've brought you the coolest spring/summer sunglasses for 2022! Although real spring hasn't really here yet, every sunny afternoon we dream that it will stay like this forever and we hope it won't be followed by a windy, rainy day. But that's why it's worth getting in the mood for spring now, and getting involved in the good weather. The new collection of sunglasses is in the store now! Don't miss out!


Any frame will suit the oval face shape. Those lucky enough to have an oval face can experiment with any of the models in the sunglasses range.

The heart-shaped face narrows downwards. The upward curving cat-eye shape looks great on this face shape, but round frames can also be a great choice. If you have a heart-shaped face, avoid frames that are too large, as they will squeeze your face.

The roundness of a round face is best counteracted with angular framesElongated frames that are wider in the horizontal direction are best suited to this face shape.

In contrast, roundedoval frames suit the angular face. If you have a narrow face, smaller frames are more suitable, while for a wider face you can go for larger frames.

Larger, horizontally widening frames are best for the elongated arch. You can also experiment with round or square shapes. Smaller frames are not preferable.

De emellett vannak olyan keretek, ahol nem a forma számít, hanem az, hogy minél extrább legyen. Ez lehet akár valamilyen köves, mintás darab, de az extra színekkel és formákkal is megéri kísérletezni.

But there are also frameworks where it's not the shape that counts, but the extreme. This could be something with a stones or pattern, but it's also worth experimenting with extra colours and shapes.

Be colourful, show your unique style!

Check out the full collection of sunglasses here. Click and choose your favourite.