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Be in character on Halloween even without a costume!

Your outfit can be your Halloween costume, you don't have to wear gross make-up and scary costumes. You just need to dress up in a more characterful outfit and you'll be the highlight of the night. Plus, you can even use these vintage dresses for everyday wear, they won't just be one time pieces!

You can achieve a characterful costume without a real mask, you just need to choose your set well. We're here to help you do just that, so that by the end of the day you can go out with confidence. Plus, we'll be open all day today so you can pop in for a good accessory.

Cowgirl Set

You can never have enough Wesco boots. And when you're putting together a western set like this, it's a must-have accessory. And you'll definitely stand out from the crowd, so you won't have to worry about not looking festive enough at the party. All you need is a good denim skirt or trousers, a hat and you're set. Of course, if you're open to it, a good makeup look will only further enhance the overall effect.


Motorbike set

You'd like to be the cool dude for once, but in everyday life you feel like it's not your style? Well now's your chance to try it out. Leather jacket, leather trousers, band tee, sunglasses and you're set. You can wear them separately later, but they're still a knockout.

Motoros szett


Could you lighten up? Be the scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz. Straw hat, yellow shirt, canted trousers, scarf. We've got everything you need. It's understated, yet obvious.

Madárijesztő szett


Be the devil queen of the evening. Or hop on your magic broom and charm the world with your magic. This set will take you to Wonderland, but at the very least, you can be Snow White's evil stepmother, it's up to you. The first and most important element: the black colour. The second is the lace. Don't give in, make the most of it. The high boots are a very important element, don't miss them, they can be high heels or flats, the main thing is that they should be at least knee high.

Boszorkány szett

Cotton candy

Pink everywhere. It seems like a real anti-Halloween set, but it's actually not so much, as you can dress up in anything you like. In this one, you'll be a real pink princess. The exact opposite of the previous one. But you can do this with any other bright colour, the effect is guaranteed!

Vattacukor szett

Fun, laughter, shivers, spooky shadows. Come to Sputnik and join the fun!

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