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Sprinkle - Eat - Buy - Our Easter Selection is here!

Easter is almost here! Sprinkle who you can! - But it does matter a lot what you wear! 

Let go of the norms and traditions, girls, there's no need to wait until noon to take a cold shower on the intrusive men. Be brave and unique! Do what feels good! And what's the best way to add to that confidence if not a super set or accessory?

Boys! Do not let it go down, ask what you deserve. Don't go home without some red eggs. And if you're really craving that Easter egg, a cool Szputnyik set is sure to solve the problem.

Sprinkling is might not be as cool as it used to be, but we think that if we reinterpret it a little, all the old traditions can become modern. You don't have to follow tradition, dare to step out of the box and spend these days with your loved ones in the way that suits you best.

Choose a really cool and springy set to celebrate, and make the most of the situation and yourself. After all, spring is all about renewal and recharging.

Products in the picture: Women Vintage Dress, Women Belt (New), TOMS shoes, Men Vintage Shirt, Vintage Levi's Jeans, Vintage VANS shoes.

All products are available in our shop!

And if you're looking to add a cool accessory to your outfit, here are some ideas:

A wide range of super colourful sunglasses await you in the shop. If you choose from them, you won't be boring. Plus, you can even hide a little Easter spirit by choosing these egg-shaped sunglasses.

Hidden under the sunglasses is a gorgeous sunny yellow Fjallraven Kanken backpack, perfect for a spring afternoon. Not only this spring, but for years to come!

And of course, the badges are not to be missed either thi Easter. You can never have too many of these cute animal or food designs, and they'll brighten up any set and add a little festive flair to the mood, and your set.

Then here are your faithful companions and your great favourites, the sew-ons! You'll also find a whole bunch of these pet-friendly ones! There are bunnies, foxes, pigs, butterflies. But if that's not enough you'll also find flowers and eggs!

And finally, to think about the lower parts of your body, here are some Easter-inspired socks in flower shape (just for spring). You'll also find Many Mornings socks, Nanushki and Szputnyik's own brand socks.

See what's Szputnyik's bunny hiding in their basket! Pop into our bunny cave on Dohány Street or visit our webshop for our full Easter collection.

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Whatever you're looking for, you can grab it with a 20% discount on Szputnyik's webshop on 17-18 April, Easter Sunday and Monday.
Get your favourite pieces at a discount and help the Easter Bunny find the best pieces this year!
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