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Luca day SALE - If you let the Christmas shopping for the last minute!

Minden évben megtartjuk a boszorkányos Luca-napot, amihez számtalan szokás, hiedelem, jóslás és tiltás kapcsolódik. Ez idén sem lehet másképp!   Tartsatok velünk december 13-án csütörtökön, mert mindkét üzletünkben és webshopon is 20% kedvezménnyel szerezhetitek be a hőn áhított termékeket!

In every year we celebrate the Luca-day where a lot of practice, belief, prediction and block belong. And it will be also this year!

Join us on 13th December in both of our shops and on webshop to get the most wanted products with 20% discount!

What to do?

Say the password when you pay or fill the discount field on webshop and you're already entitled to the discount!

Do not forget, this is the last opportunity to get your favourite product with discount in 2018, so hurry up!

We welcome everybody during a day with our super saées and do not forget, lock all of your brooms!