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Get The Look - Madonna, Queen of Pop

We would like to be here for you and inspire you in 2018 as well, so w eare launching a new series called Get The Look, in whioch we aim bring fashion icons and their style closer to you through vintage clothes a lá Szputnyik.

Our first icon is Madonna, whi has been a style icon for women all over  the world for decades. Her style has all the phases from wild, through sophisticated to feminine.

The true fashion chameleon has alway been able to change and reinvent herself and has turned her outfits into art. Therefore she is the perfect source of inspiration foe anyone who wishes for a more artistic, interesting or unique wardrobe. 

 Like a Virgin 

Madonna a 80-as évek stílusikonja. Emblematikus darabjai a Szputnyik shopban is megtalálhatóak.

This song was featured on Madonna's second studio album and the video she made for it highly influenced fashion in the 1980's. Her wild heart and unconventional style mixed with white lace, the symbol of innocence and purity shook the world!

A Madonna Like a Virgin című dala által ihletett Szputnyik szett elérhető a Dohány utcai üzletünkben.

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Papa Don't Preach

Madonna a Papa Don't Preach című dalához készült videóban.

1986, a new album and a new style. Papa Don't Preach was where we cuold meet a more mature Madonna, and she showed us that she is not so much different from us.

Papa don't Preach

The outfit that was inspired by that son's video features all the most emblematic pieces of the 1980's and can be foun at our Dohány street store

Open Your Heart

Madonna szereti a kihívó, fekete szetteket.

This song was featured on the same album in 1986, and in the video Madonna can be seen in a very daring outfit. Her love for these tiny and sexy black pieces has not faded over the past decades, she wore similar pieces during her latest tours, too.

Ez a Madonna által inspirált szexi fekete szett is a tiéd lehet, ha ellátogatsz Dohány utcai üzletünkbe!

This hot look is also available at Dohány street!

Hung Up

Madonna a Hung Up című dalának videójában


The ultimate proof that Madonna is a colorful and timeless icon is her 2005 video Hung Up. Her tenth studio album was such a huge success, her popularity just doesn't seem to fade. Her look in the video was rather controversial as you would expect it from her. 

A Hung Up által ihletett szettet is megtalálod üzletünkben.

Find this look at Dohány street too. 

Either you are a fan, got invited to a costume party or just want to spice up yourpesonal style feel free to turn to the biggest diva for inspiration. Thanks to our huge vintage tresure chest, you can recreate almost any of her famous looks!

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