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Your new favorite skirt is waiting for you at Szputnyik shop!

Legújabb, tavasz/nyári árukészletünk folyamatosan kerül ki üzleteink polcaira, de legnagyobb részük már webshopunkban is elérhető. Annak érdekében, hogy össze tudd állítani a lehető legszemélyreszabottabb tavaszi ruhatárat bemutatjuk az új kollekció leghangsúlyosabb darabjait. Ma éppen a szoknyákat.

Our newest Spring/Summer items have arrived to our stores and our online selection is growing day by day as well. In order for you to have the best and most personalized wardrobe possible, we're here to show you our favorite designs. Today's picks are our brand new skirts.

This is one of the most exciting pieces of clothing thanks to it's rich fashion history. It used to be compulsory to all women to wear, then we even had to fight and protest to be able to wear it in a certain way. Today it's one of the key elements of women's everyday closets. 

Our collection is very diverse so you'll find your new favorite whether you're a hopeless romantic or a rebel at heart. 

Flowers for spring!

Ha tavasz akkor virágos szoknya!

If to you Spring means reading a great book  on a blanket in the sunshine, or a taking a long walk along River Danube with a bottle of rosé, then our romantic floral designs are for you!

Virágos szoknyák online

Let's get this party started!

Csillogj vidám, fénylő szálakkal átfutatott szoknyáinknak köszönhetően!

April brings something different for all of us. For you it might be the great news of your favorite outdoor clubs opening in just a few weeks. If that is the case then choose one of our party must-have selection, the sparkling skirts! They're available in A-line and pencil versions. 

Csillogó szoknyák online

Let's go crazy!

Izgalmas textúrájú szoknyáinknak köszönhetően garantáltan nem lesz unalmas a szetted!

If you don't like rules, but prefer more extreme clothes, then we also have the perfect designs for you! These fluffy fuzzy items are really fun and unique. Choose one of our crazy designs for this spring!

Őrült designer szoknyák

For trendsetters

Akár abársony, akár a finom csipke tend áll hozzád közelebb, nálunk hatalmas választékban találsz szoknyákat!

If you already know all the trends before glossy magazines list them, and have a killer instinct in fashion, then you won't be disappointed in our new collection, either. All the biggest trends of Spring/Summer 2018 are represented: pastel shades, metallic materials, tulle, lace and even see-through mesh. Come and create your version of a trend!A tavaszi trendeknek megfelelő szoknyáink online

Either you wish to bloom or rage this spring we have the perfect skirt for you! Visit our stores or shop online!