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There is no festival without the perfect gymbag!

After checking our bags, let's have a look on the festival line ups and the essential gymbags. If we're talking about the festivals, you should get the perfect one to shine out from the crowd with the most extravagant, the most unique  and the most creative pieces. It's true to any cloths, but we are going to show you the huge scale of our limited edition bag collection to choose the perfect for yourself and the success is guaranteed!

The unquenchable queen

Let's start with the emperors of gymbags, with their unique colors and textures you can make a mistake. They are made of faux leather what makes it very minimalist. Vibrating colors, exciting textures are waiting for you in more than 30 types to get the perfect one. To make it more practical it has a little pocket with zipper on the front to keep the most necessary things close.

From the kanaan of mint greens and deep blues to the metalic gold and bronze you can surely find the matching one to your style. If you are looking for the flashy types then choose the nacreous or the hologram types, or for the more simple, minimalist design you should pick the marble printed and black and white styles.

Hurry up, they are only available in very limited edition, don't miss this opportunity!

Print mania

If you are looking for more bohemian or funny gymbags then watch out! Lovely, small printed canvas bags have arrived to our stores with many adorable characters. You can find funny chickens, fish, cactus, or cat printed gymbags in awesome color cavalcade. It is very comfy to wear thanks to its canvas material and it never gonna come in front of you on the street.

A little bit more simple and artistic version is the black prints on beige base. The unique and photorealistic graphics make the bags this special. The two contrasting colors cause the uniqueness of gymbags what are available in very limited edition in our stores and online. Choose special design!

Your favourites

And if you are looking for a very personal piece then they are just for you! Our music band collection is full of gymbags in very different types. Party on the festivals in the first row or dance in the endless crowd but do not make a single step without your favourite band! On our band gymbags you can get the well-known logos and album covers to advertise that you really know what music is about!

For more pieces visit our stores or check our online selection!