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👞Outfit step by step - What should I wear in August?👞


Vintage! We've been hearing this word a lot lately, and at this point, we're probably thinking of clothes that don't have the fast fashion label on them. But there is more to it than that of course, we are on the right track because the essence of Vintage clothes is that we can grab them not from the designer's table, from under the sewing machine, or from their carefully packed storage. Some of these products go a long way to becoming part of your wardrobe. You may be its owner many times and one day you will pass it on. The beauty of it is that it is part of a cycle that helps make fashion sustainable and livable.


- At Szputnyik, we try to sneak as many types of products into the store as possible, so that you can feel free to contact us for as many occasions or events as possible. In our opinion, if an outfit is varied bold, and harmonious with its wearer no matter how it looks, it is PERFECT! So, in the big preparations around the start of school, sometimes we don't even know what to do with the clothes that are no longer relevant in Autumn, but it would be too soon to pack them away since it is still feeling like summer. No problem, we'll help!-


Here is a loose guide to the elements in your next outfit, which, if you put them together, are guaranteed to give you a varied and detailed look:



  1. 👚 Vintage Blouse: A blouse is almost always a spectacular solution. It has a pleasantly elegant effect, which we either highlight with pieces that are also elegant, for example here with a pair of suit pants ironed to the edge or offset it with, say, baggy jeans to achieve a different effect. One important thing, pay attention to the material composition and the translucent ability of the fabric because a poorly chosen top can cause unpleasant moments!
  2. 🌟 Earrings: Huge ears either suddenly become huge or disappear out of nowhere. This is almost unpredictable with this accessory, rather the decisive factor is how well it harmonizes with the wearer when a benga large gold earring rings on both sides of the face. Bottega Veneta, Schiaparelli (pronounced Szkeperelli), Dior... etc. are all brands that like to use big accessories to make their collections even more dramatic. So if you like a dramatic effect, then big ears are for you.
  3. 👞 Vintage shoes: The low-slung vintage shoes or Loafers swept off the throne of the popular high-slung e.g. Martens boots. You have a winning case with a pair of white socks or knee highs. Depending on what you pair it with, skirt, shorts, long pants... you can achieve different effects with it. That is why it is such a must-have product because it can be easily combined with several types of outfits.
  4. 🎀 Scrunchie: Even if you don't have a huge crown of hair to keep under control with these thousand-faced hair accessories, you've already thought about getting one, because they're so cute and can be found in almost every color and shape that you can't resist them. The best thing is that you can make them yourself at home in just a few minutes, all you need is a rubber band and a material you like and you can start sewing!
  5. 👖 Vintage pants: The above-mentioned blouse and elegant pants combo provides a particularly refreshing look, for example on university days. The styles narrowed in the waist and widened in the legs are the most popular, but straight-cut nazis can also be classified fact, believe it or not, even the trapeze style!
  6. 📿 Necklace: Elegant, characterful, delicate detail that, together with your hair and earrings, provides a perfect frame for your face. Many people choose a truly unique piece for self-expression to strengthen their identity. Sometimes so much so that necklaces bearing the owner's name have been incredibly fashionable in recent years. Of course, we can't go beyond the fact that the iconic Carrie necklace from Sex and New York was a big tailwind of this trend.
  7. 👝 Vintage bag: Perhaps the bag (which in our case is not a backpack, which is important because of its function) is what causes people a lot of confusion. We are still a little afraid of the more spectacular pieces and it is hard for us to imagine going down to the Center with only a small envelope bag to carry for a meeting with friends. Nevertheless, more and more proud owners of vintage bags can be seen on the streets, which gives refreshing hope that these valuable accessories are not unique, but can be eternal pieces in our wardrobe.
  8. 💍 Ring: What fits on the tube! Small, large, silver, gold, metal, plastic, patterned, natural.......Rings are jewels that smuggle bohemian details into our outfits with brilliant simplicity. Feel free to choose several types at the same time and don't worry, you can never go wrong with rings!




  1. 👔 Flannel shirt: Simple, comfortable, relaxed, and a perfect transition between summer fashion and autumn layered outfits. Feel free to wear it with a leotard or a cardigan, the goal is to slowly transition to the period of layered clothing.
  2. 🎀 Necktie: Not only in men's fashion, but also in women's fashion, the various forms and uses of ties are gaining ground. He is not such a star in men's fashion, although he can create a bohemian atmosphere for any set. Long or short, patterned or plain, the point is to wear it boldly and feel special, because not many people see these cool necklaces these days!
  3. 🧦 Socks: Patterned socks are very divisive, someone lives and dies for them, but some vote for the tried-and-true black or white version. The point is that if we pair it with suitable footwear, both extremes give our set a stylish look.
  4. 🧥 Cardigan: Back to layered dressing, a cardigan worn over a loose shirt creates a very autumnal effect. The shirt collar peeking out from under the V-neck cardigan can be relaxed and elegant at the same time. It has always been very exciting to play with materials, so (as you can see in the picture) a wool material can be properly combined with, say, flannel.
  5. 💍 Ring: Rings have already been mentioned, but we often find these jewels in a wider range in the women's market. Fortunately, on the shelves of the men's department, we can find more and more of them in designs, so men can also choose from these little things to their liking. Although at Szputnyik we adhere to the principle that what looks good, looks GOOD, regardless of gender or era. Feel good about yourself and be proud of who you are!
  6. 👞 Vintage shoes: As we have already discussed, low-slung shoes are a suitable choice to transition into the new season in style. Guys, search in vintage stores or online, and don't stop until you find the most beautiful vintage stepper of your life, because it will surely be an eternal love!
  7. 👖 Vintage short pants : ,,What kind of weather do you like?,, -,, Hmm, that typical hoodie-short pants weather!- We've heard this so many times and the best thing is that this is what awaits us now. We already have to pick up some thinner outerwear, but we can still keep the shorts. In the world of baggy pants, jorts have been huge this year. Pick up Apud's old pants and cut a maximum of 10-15 cm from the bottom and you will get this year's hottest style of shorts! Play with the materials and pay attention to comfort, one of these pants can be your good friend in the coming months!


-Remember! Fashion is for everyone, so no trend, color, or gender trend can dictate you to be who you want to be. Tell a story through your clothes, shine as only you can, and be the protagonist of your own story! Lead, don't follow!-

Szputnyik team 🚀