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Fall guide for nature lovers!

The autumn decoration will fill the city with the good vibes, just like us. The classic symbols and colors will get into the windows, and the lovely little forest animals to represent the autumn's color cavalcade.

Are you addicted to the owls for years? Or the the deers are your favourite symbols? Is the fox the best? Then you should check our new autumn collection full of these lovely animals!

The owls are became famous by Pallas Athene's holy animals that are the real symbols of knowledge and wisdom. They live their active period in the evenings so their meaning interweaved with the myth. The owls also conquered the fashion industry and became a very popular pattern.
Not least, how could you not fall in love these wiseacre and feathery birds?

We are totally in love with them so they have a pretty good relationship with our products. They decorate our winter dresses, t-shirt, tank tops and also our accessories.
And at the middle of the school start what can be a better symbol to tenacity and collecting of knowledge than the owls?

The totems of hedgehogs symbolize the energy, vitalism and to survive every little or not too little problematic situation in your life. Listen to your intuition and become one with this cute, prickly animal!

The rabbits are the symbols of the changing of seasons and the rejuvenation. Perfectly symbolize the sping's and the autumn's reformation and shuffling nature that is also needed for the people and also for the wardrobes from time to time!

Because their physical nature they are the symbols of adaptability, slyness, integration and the rapidity of thought and act.
Exciting colors and lovely faces steal the hearts and surely you also know a person in your enviroment who manically loves these fluffy animals.

Which one is your favourite animal?

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