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STAY LOUD - Szputnyik shop Pop-Up x Skullcandy

"We celebrate the risk-takers, innovators and pioneers; those who break from the herd and forge their own path. We celebrate them living life on their own terms and the soundtracks that inspire them. They motivate us to be uncompromising, unapologetic, to express ourselves and stay true to who we are no matter the consequences. To live at full volume." - says Skullcandy on their official website.

The brand has been selling earbuds and headphones since 2003. They aim to create devices that sound just as good as they look. Since the creator, Rick Alden is an extreme sports enthusisast they also have to be very durable and persistent meanwhile expressing the user's personality. Today Skullcandy is an international brand combining music with art and fashion. Many sportsmen and musicians support these quality and original products that are now also available at Szputnyik shop Pop-Up.

The connection between music and fashion goes way back, since before social media and fast fashion the way we dressed was the only way of expressing our favorite genre. Even if today it's getting more common to wear the label of an emblematic band as a fashion and not an actual statement we, at Szputnyik shop believe that dressing is most of all a way of self expression and that our personalities are highly influenced by the music we listen to. Thanks to Skullcandy now it's not only the music that expresses who you are but also the device you listen to it with.

This extraordinary fusion of design and technology that Skullcandy earbuds and headphones stand for can be found all summer long at our newest location, in Szputnyik shop Pop-Up. Visit us and dress up according to your personalities from head to toe using our brand new limited designs and selected quality vintage clothes! Browse our unique accessories and suit your headphones to yourselves too!

Their looks are not the only thing that make them special! Every Skullcandy piece is made with the most quality engineering in order to reach the best sound and create the most comfortable devices. All products have a three button remote panel in order to make user experience better. You can start, stop or change songs and answer calls with just one click.These are some of the pieces available during the summer of 2016 at Március 15. square. Hurry up since there are only a few of each design!

Skullcandy earbuds are present with two of their collections at Szputnyik Pop-Up. The DIME earbuds are anatomically shaped to perfectly fit female ear canals and thanks to the Off-Axis technology they provide the best sound possible.
The WINK'D products, apart from being one of the newest editions, have extremely durable housing while having a comfortable silicone part that amplifies the sound.

The KNOCKOUT headphones were also created specifically for women. The headband is designed to fit females and also thanks to the Pureclean technology these products are extra-special.

The GRIND collection is made of the most premium material with quality engineering in order to be as comfortable and fitting as possible. Thanks to the TapTech function it's even easier to navigate your music and handle calls either in the city or while rock-climbing.

SLAP is a true summer edition that is given away by its colors. TapTech function also makes these models easier and more comfortable to use. A perfect choice for summer chilling.

Szputnyik shop Pop-Up is waiting for you with our well known products, discounts and now even Skullcandy earbuds and headphones.Visit us on the bank of the Danube and don't forget to stay loud!

Budapest VI, Király utca 22. (Káldy u.1)


Budapest VII, Dohány utca 20.


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