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Shiny Happy New Year 2017

After 2016 it's no wonder we would like to move to another planet and spend this New Year's Eve somewhere in a galaxy far far away. We couldn't bring the starts down, however, we had plenty of sparkly and shiny items to choose from thanks to our vintage treasury. 

We will show you how to have a look that's out of this world on the last night of the year and the first night of the New Year.

You can shine even without glitter! By choosing the right colors, textures and accessories you caneasily achieve a sparkling look!

The festive spirit and champagne won't keep you warm enough in the cold. Therefore coats are key pieces when it comes to New Year's outfits. They have too keep you from freezing meanwhile not stelaing the show from the rest of your look. Faux fur, fur, faux leather and leather jacket are the way to go, since they are warm enough and match the bohemian vibes the night might hold. 

We cannot express enough, that winter doesn't have to lack colors. What's more, vibrant shades will make you sparkle and look like a celestial body that night just as much as shiny materiasl will. 

One of the many reasons we love vintage pieces other than them having their own personality and history, is that they offer the endless combinations of colors, textures, materials and styles. And the result is always something new and unexpected. 

Everything is possible. A pair of  signature punk Martens boots are just as perfect combined with a fur coat from the 1970s as a Levi's jacket with disco sandals. And the result? Ageless, free and unapologetic style. Isn't this freedom what we all hope to find that night? 

Would you like to be an alien, an astronaut or the brightest star? In Szputnyik shop's intergalactic New Year's Eve guide you will find whatever you're looking for! Visit our stores or browse our online selection, since this is only a fragment of our unearthly collection! 

Nothing can be ordinary on the most extraordinary night of the year, including your outfit! Choose from our many women's, men's, new, small scale designer and selected, quality vintage clothing and accessories. Get yourself with the perfect New Year's outfit.

Szputnyik shop wishes you a very Happy New Year, and we are looking forward to keep seeing you with the best items from the past and the present in the next year!

Untill then visit us during the Holidays too, you can see our opening hours here:


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