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Szputnyik shop x Dorca Borca quiz giveaway

Dorca Borca tetoválás

Win a magical Dorca Borca tattoo worth 30.000 HUF!

As Szputnyik shop is turning 7 years old we don't only have sales and promotions between 7 and 20 of November, but you also get to win! 

Answer the following questions correctly, and win a Dorca Borca tattoo! 

Submission deadline: 18 November 2016, 12:00 pm

The winner will be announced on 18 November 2016, 6:00 pm

Seeing the past 7 years it is obvious that Szputnyik shop is all for self-expression, self-confidence and standing out. Our quality vintage and unique limited designer collections are selected in accordance with that idea. Now, we would like to help those who would like to further reflect their inner selves through other ways than fashion.

The vinner of the 30.000 HUF worth tattoo will be randomly selected from those who complete and sumbit our quiz correctly. The winner and the artist will design the tattoo together. 

The quiz can be found here:

Rules and conditions

  • The organiser of the giveaway "Szputnyik shop x Dorca Borca: Win a magical tattoo worth 30.000 HUF!" is Szputnyik shop.
  • All natural persons can participate over the age of 18, with the exception of the employees and their close relatives (according to (Ptk. 685. § (b) paragraph). (In case the winner is a person with limited capacity, then the prize can be accepted by their legal guardian, provided they are not excluded by the rules and conditions. 
  • The giveaway begins on 7. November 2016 and ends on 18. November 2016 at 12:00 pm. 
  • The winner will be selected on 18. November 2016 at 6:00 pm.

Description of the giveaway :

  • Participants must complete the quiz on, and provide their real names and valid e-mail addresses. The name has to be as it is in the national ID card of the person, since the prize can only be recieved if the person can identify themselves (with their ID card and official residence card). Only one quiz can be submitted under the same name and e-mail address, any possible matches will be considered invalid by our system. 
  • Under each question there is a link pointing to a blog post that can help with the answer.  
  • There is only one correct answer to each question, the maximum is 7 points. After completing the quiz and providing the required data, the participants have no more tasks, they automatically qualify to take part in the random sleection process. 
  • The winner will be notified through the submitted e-mail address after the selection.
  • The winner accepts that they will answer the e-mail iwithin 5 days of reception and starts a discussion on how and when they wish to accept their prize. If the winner fails to react to our message within 5 days, then Szputnyik shop holds the right to select another winner. 

Description of the prize:

  • The prize is a tattoo deseigned and made by Dorca Borca tattoo artist worth 30.000 HUF. There is a personal consultation as well, where the winner and the artist can discuss the design of the tattoo.
  • The winner will be a participant who gave 7 correct answers, and the automatic system chose them. 
  • Those participants can be selected as winners who submit their answers before the deadline of the giveaway. Any submission after the deadline is automatically considered invalid. 

Selection and notification:

Rules applying to the handling and preservation of personal information:

  • Participants allow Szputnyik shop to share their names on their website, Facebook and Instagram pages and take full responsibility for their information being valid. 
  • By submitting the quiz all participants accept that their given information will be stored in Szputnyik shop's database and can later be used for informing them about sales, promotions and offers. Szputnyik is the only party accessing this information, they handle it according to the Privacy Policy.
  • Szputnyik shop holds the right to record the acceptance of the prize and use the recording as a means of advertising in the future without any limitations concerning the time period or the occasion it will be used, and without any compensation.