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We've spent a super cool year with you!

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We had an eventful 2018 behind us that you, our costumers made beautiful. We've collected you the best moments of the year.


We've started the year with an awesome sale to refresh your wardrobe in the new year. A lot of unique treasures found their real owners.


February is the month of love. We gave you super tips how to spend this beautiful day and what set you should wear. 2018 was the Year of Dog so every moment of the time spent with our pets was filled with pure love.


The spring was about the refreshening in Szputnyik. Our loved brands, Toms and Paez have returned, also a totally new global brand: the British Dr. Martens.


Also the April was eventful because the south-american brand, the Amazonas recycled and eco-friendly footwear have arrived to our selves to let you prepare to the nice weather.


The super vintage Vans and Converse shoes were on the spotlight. The spring is about the real sneaker weather when you cannot miss them from any leisure time activity.


Beside the Kolorádó Festival's cooperation we cannot forget about the social responsibility. Since June you can support the Down Foundation in the Dohány street.


We've prepared to the festival season so in July we created a capsule collection to Sziget festival. You could find every big artists' t-shirt to wait them worthily in front of the big stage.


We cannot forget about the newbies beside the rocking festivals. In August, the newest pieces of Fjallraven Kanken have arrived to the stores, complemented with new belts, purses and card holders. Also the Kanken Greenland serie was available in the stores in very limited edition.


Beside the Hungarian Ornitology Association and Down Foundation now our third protegee has arrived. The Szent Ferenc Animalhome and Greyhound rescue now eligible in the stores.


We spent the October in the name of art and culture. In paralel of Frida exhibiton, we introduced to the audience our very limited Frida-collection that is available only online.


During our Black Weekend Sale you could get all you wanted for your loved ones fro Christmas from home, before the rush.

All the other days of the month were dedicated to Christmas preparation and Ugly Swetares. We even shot our Christmas editorial dedicated to them.


In December, a Canadian brand has joined to us in the form of Native shoes to keep us safe in the cold winter.

Also the Christmas and the New Year's Eve was rocking in Szputnyik where the most beautiful vintage treasures came to the spotlight.

Thank you for being with us this whole year and see you again in 2019! 

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