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🎄Thematic gift offer for Christmas🎄

Did you just realize that there are only 17 days until Christmas? Are you panicking because you still have no idea when it comes to gifts? Don't worry, we'll help!

We have now collected 5 types of people for you, among whom you are sure to know a family member or friend.

The Adventurer

He loves hiking, walking in the forest, he likes to spend all his free time in nature.

A durable backpack is essential for adventurers! The Fjällräven backpack will be your faithful companion in everyday life, but it will also gladly accompany you on a winter, snowy hike.
If you are looking for a smaller gift, we recommend cute our socks , from which you can choose from many patterns, or our newly arrived Carhartt hats! Oh, and let's not forget about the seamstresses either! Hit the spot!

The Spiritual Soul

Horoscope, position of planets, tarot cards .

You probably know someone who lives and dies for these things! Among our new collection mesh tops, you can also find this horoscope-inspired piece. But you should also look through our notebooks and belt bags if you want the colors of the galaxy. And our horoscope badges or tarot card badges are a basic piece of accessories for a spiritual soul.

Your Music Club

Everyone has at least one friend who can't live without music, always plays spotify and wakes up in the morning with a tune.

No music fan can resist a band t-shirt. With us, you can choose from hundreds of bands, patterns and styles and you will surely find the one that your gift recipient likes the most. For example, this long-sleeved piece is part of the new collection!

In addition to our band t-shirts, you can't go wrong with our patches and badges either, as we stock a good number of them so that everyone can find their favorite!

The Movie Fan

Long movie monologues, reviews, the dialogues are already memorized... We know this type of person and love them!

Among our t-shirts , you can find a lot of movie pieces, they also arrived with the new collection, for example this Universal Studio evergreen.

But if you're looking for this topic, you can also find a great gift among our socks , patches, and pins. Not to mention the ugly hoodies !

The Animal Friend

Do you keep posting cat memes? Does the sight of a cute puppy bring tears to your eyes?

If you are looking for such a gift, you will have the easiest thing to do, because we have a lot of animal products. Just be able to choose from them!


We hope that we were able to help you with our gift ideas and that you are less stressed about the upcoming holidays! If you want to shop even more stress-free, check out our webshop , where you can choose from thousands of products!
Follow our blog posts, as we are preparing a gift offer for you next week as well!

We wish you a pleasant preparation!